Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation

As women get older, they start having issues with reaching orgasms or have them less frequent, find out how you can take control of your intimate life again.

You deserve to feel your best!

As women get older, they start having issues with reaching orgasms or have them less frequent. This can be because the tissue gets older around the vagina which can lead to decrease sexual satisfaction and sensation.

The treatment provides a painless, surgery free procedure that can provide women with vaginal rejuvenation. The process begins with drawing blood and extracting Platelet rich plasma (PRP) to be injected into an area near the clitoris and upper vagina. The PRP will help revitalize the cell tissue and blood supply of the vagina. This procedure is painless and has little to no discomfort.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is an autologous concentrated preparation of platelets and the associated growth factors in a small volume of plasma. Platelets are a natural source of a number of growth factors in their natural and biologically-determined ratios.

Easy Spin 3 Step Process

Step 1: Collect Patients Blood (11ml or 22ml tube) and Centrifuge (10 min.)

Step 2: Extract Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP)

Step 3: Collect Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and apply

The treatment helps women who have issues with any of the following symptoms such as:

Low Libido

Urinary Incontinence

Chronic Pain

Vaginal Dryness

Painful Intercourse

Benefits Include:

Increased Sexual Desire

Increase Sensitivity

Decrease Urinary Leakage or Resolution

Increase Vaginal Tightness

Increase in Vaginal Lubrication

Increased G-Spot Stimulation

More Orgasms

How many shots are recommended?

Each patient will be analyzed for the proper recommendation.

Results and Side Effects

Results may vary, some results may last out to at least a year

Side effects may include:

  • continuous sexual arousal
  • ejaculatory orgasm
  • sexual arousal with urination
  • spontaneous orgasm


EP Premier Difference

Simple: Fewer steps than other PRP (platelet-rich plasma) kits
Excellence: Optimal platelet recovery 87% ± 10%
Fast: Centrifuge with a single spin in a matter of minutes
Patient Friendly: Small volume of blood required
Excellent Value: High volume PRP yield, low cost per mL
~6 mL PRP per 11 mL tube
~12 mL PRP per 22 mL tube
Consistent Platelet Concentration: Allowing for predictable performance

Total Platelet Count

While the most precise way to measure the dose of platelets is counting total platelets, there are many practical limitations to obtaining accurate platelet counts in a clinic.  The simplest way to increase the potency of each injection of PRP is to increase concentration (platelets per mL) by removing the unnecessary components of the blood.

The procedure allows you to simply remove red cells, white cells and platelet poor plasma (PPP) without removing a high percentage of platelets. With higher concentrations we can deliver a higher number of total platelets in fewer, smaller volume injections.


1. PRP should be applied to the same patient from whom the blood was drawn.
2. Storage of tubes containing blood at or below 0°C may result in tube breakage.
3. Storage of tubes above 40°C may damage the gel stability.
4. Do not remove conventional rubber stoppers by rolling with a thumb. Remove stoppers with a twist and pull motion.
5. Do not use tubes if foreign matter is present.
6. All liquid preservatives and anticoagulants are clear. Do not use tubes after their expiration date.
7. Do not re-sterilize and do not attempt to clean this product.
8. Do not use products if pouch is damaged.
9. Use prepared platelet concentrate material within 4 hours after drawing blood from patient.

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